Error Code during BUILD

Has anyone an idea on this error message.
I followed an instruction on GitHub, but when I tried to Build I got this error message.
The directory is rw.
I assume that it has something to to with python 2.7, but I really don’t knot.
Would be happy about some support ideas.

Bildschirmfoto 2020-04-12 um 12.19.27

Grettings Matthias

You haven’t linked the project that you’re trying to compile, so by a google search I’m assuming its GitHub - mumpf/knx-sensor: PlatformIO: implements a knx-sensor firmware for a SAMD21 board.

It seems the platformio.ini of this project assumes some special folder structure regarding the library location and extra libraries location.

It seems the library manager tries to create a folder there. I’m not 100% why it would want to do that though.

I suggest removing or commenting out (;) the lib_extra_dirs directives of that platformio.ini.