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[error] Bad progress location:

Hi !
OS Windows 10
Platformio v2.3.1
VS Code
Device - ESP32 devkit v1

I’m new for platformio and try to familiar with this platform based on this tutorial and create first project - BLINK _LED
But after printing code (code is correct, port is correct) i try to UPLOAD on device - nothing happened in TERMINAL window - code not uploading on device.
Window PROBLEMS = No problems wave been detected on the workplace
But in window output identified 2 ERRORS:
[error] Bad progress location: platformio-ide.projectTasks
[error] Cannot read property ‘length’ of null:
at Object.s [as parseHex] (file:///C:/Users/user/AppData/Local/Programs/Microsoft VS Code/resources/app/out/vs/workbench/workbench.desktop.main.js:6:7640)

Any ideas where i’m wrong? platformio VS code issue

Check upload code directly on device via Arduino IDE - all works correctly.

The errors you are showing are however not relevant for uploading. They come from the VSCode extension and also occur for me, but still everything normally works.

How exactly are you uploading and opening the serial monitor? You use the project task “Upload and Monitor” (or equivalent “Upload”, then “Monitor”) right?

I also notice that you use Serial.begin(115200); in the code, so you must configure PlatformIO to use that same baud rate, per monitor_speed = 115200 in the platformio.ini, per documentation.

Hi maxgerhardt,
Many thanks for the response.

For uploading i use arrow or Upload option on platformio extension (picture in attach) in both cases result the same.
platformio VS code issue 1.2

monitor_speed = 115200 in the platformio.ini done and save.

Is the extension version older? In the screenshot , the bottom blue bar is e.g. missing the project environment switcher.

Also the Serial.print() should be a Serial.println() if you want a proper line ending.

What’s the output when you use “Upload and monitor”?

  • version of extension is new (core 5.1.1, home 3.3.4) (it was old picture)
  • add Serial.println but nothing changed
  • Upload Monitor - nothing in Termnial window

But when i click on VS account icon i see the message - This account has not been used by any extensionsplatformio VS code issue 1.3 - may be this is problem?

Try temporarily disabling all extensions but C/C++ by Microsoft and PlatfomIO, then Ctrl+Shift+P → Rebuild IntelliSense in VSCode, then try “Upload and Monitor” again. There’s got to appear output for uploading and monitoring.

Done as you advise but )))) result the same unfortunately.

But i change OUTPUT option on LOG (Setting Sync) and find interesting - 2 ERRORS for account sync:

will tomorrow try to fix it.
platformio VS code issue 1.4

That looks like a VSCode bug (Preferences sync fails "RemoteTooManyRequests" · Issue #101504 · microsoft/vscode · GitHub) but still shouldn’t impede PlatformIO operation.

Hm, all the extensions in the sidebare are still active (CMake, Docker, etc.). Can you uninstall them temporarily without loosing data?