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EPS32 application dashboard running in local network. Ideas, please

Please, I’d like to count with your ideas so solve a demand for an industrial application.

I’m using an ESP32 to process data acquisition. Acquired information should be shown in customer’s office computer as well as stored in a .CSV file. There must be no need for internet connection, it must run exclusively in customer’s office network.

My first idea is to use an HTML application to be shown at a browser, just by calling ESP32’s IP address. This application should offer:

  1. A page for showing a table with real time values and recent historic.
  2. A second page from where the customer could choose and download .CSV files (ftp, for example). A link that opens an FTP in another tab would be enough.
  3. A page for configuration. Within this page there should be possible to adjust sampling rate, measurement ranges, set points, etc.

I’m using a web page designing software that helps a lot, despite the huge CSS file it generates. Now I’ve got to link this webpage’s cells to the data from ESP32.

I’ve already read a lot of things and it seems that I should use websockets for this task. Isn’t it?

And what about the FTP?

Thank you.

Please, does someone have any idea?

Thank you.