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env.Execute("foo.exe") , but DON'T wait for foo?

env.Execute(“foo.exe”) - any ideas how to launch foo.exe, but continue without waiting for foo.exe (or it’s children) to finish?

env.Execute is of course in foo.exe happens to be a serial monitor, which is supposed to stay running… but env.Execute waits forever for foo.exe to exit. I’ve tried every manner of
“foo.exe”, or ,
env.Execute(“foo.bat”), which calls foo.exe, or,
env.Execute(“start foo.bat”), env.Execute(c:\windows\system32\cmd /C foo.exe) - /C /SEPARATE CALL START - I’ve tried everything: env.Execute stubbornly refuses to continue until everything exits. How can I get around this?

Scons’ env.Execute() call only seems to support blocking operations (refer

In the python script, you may still use all of the python system libraries. One way to start a process and not waiting for it to finish is via the subprocess library and the Popen (process open) calls. See and for reference.