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Enable SSL support for ESP8266 core > 3.x

Hello I want to enable SSL support for the ESP8266 core >3.x

I found this solution under the lib I want to use.

In file platform.txt add: -lcrypto -laxtls in line compiler.c.elf.libs=
Get the libs: libcrypto.a and libaxtls.a and the ssl.h include from a 2.X SDK and put the libs in: packages/esp8266/hardware/esp8266/3.0.1/tools/sdk/lib and the ssl.h in packages/esp8266/hardware/esp8266/3.0.1/tools/sdk/include

The compile almost works, but.... the linking fail because the IRAM, don't have enough size available... :(
If you use a old ESP SDK 2.4.X it works, so the ssl must for ported to use the bearssl to work with the new ESP SDK 3.X.
That's it.

Can you help me how I do this with


axTLS has been removed since 3.0.0.

Why do you want to patch it back in in such a hacky way? BearSSL doesn’t work for you?

You can also make PlatformIO use Arduino-ESP8266 2.7.4 (last version to have axTLS) by specifying

platform = esperssif8266@2.6.3

in the platformio.ini(see releases).

@maxgerhardt thanks for the answer…How can I use the 2.7.4 package from Arduino Studio for my project because when I compile with

my code is not running but if I compile it in arduino with 2.7.4 it’s fine…

Thanks for the help

  1. There’s no “Arduino Studio”, do you mean “Arduino IDE”?
  2. Hard to say with no project details, code, expected behavior, displayed behavior, logs etc.

This is the code

Compilation with esp8266 core 2.6.3 it’s running I can type in my credentials and it’s connected but after a power down cycles it Stucks in the connection loop and never connect again to my wifi

Compilation with esp8266 2.7.4 Arduino ide it’s running I can type in my credentials and it’s connected and after a power down cycles it connects directly with my wifi

What version of the ESPAsync_WiFiManager library have got installed in the Arduino IDE? (C:\Users<user>\Documents\Arduino\libraries\ESPAsync_WiFiManager\

It’s version 1.15.1 installed