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Empty frameworks and platforms fields in the manifest


I’d like to know what are the consequences if the “platforms” and “frameworks” fields are left empty. My library is platform and framework independent so I specified * for both. However, it looks ugly.

I’m afraid if I leave them empty the library can’t be found e.g. with “framework:mbed lvgl”.

Could you clarify the behavior in this case?

Hi Gabor,

Thanks for your questions. Your library.json manifest file looks great. Quick answers:

  1. " if the “platforms” and “frameworks” fields are left empty.", I’ve just added a fix for this. It will work in upcoming PlatformIO Core 4.4. So, please keep * for a while.

  2. " it looks ugly.". This is a legacy front-end for the registry. It was created in 2014 and we didn’t change it. We work on the new front-end that should be more user friendly and provide more useful information about the package (library, dev-platform, or tool). We plan to release it next month. Firstly, we should deploy new PIO Core 4.4 that have full support for the new registry.

Please follow us at or to be notified about upcoming updates. Thanks!

Thank you for the fix, Ivan.

The “ugly” word wasn’t a complaint I just wasn’t sure what the intended way is to describe platform independence. :slight_smile:

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