"Embedded Template Library" - v15.x dissappeared from registry

My stable project (with pinned dependencies) failed to build because used package version (15.x) disappeared from registry. Build fixed after dependency version update.

IMO it’s not normal to change published things. Could check what happened?

Perhaps the PlatformIO Registry only goes back so many versions? It seems odd that it is exactly 30 versions listed, and if I look at another library, like the Adafruit GFX Library, that has been capped at 30 revisions also.

Meaning if it’s something that is frequently changing, perhaps it’s better to point directly to the source repo, rather than the Registry?

That would be absolutely unacceptable behaviour for registry, in scope of semversioning. I hope, something like this happened by mistake, not intended.

It’s never late to stop use registry. But i’d prefer more comfortable way if possible. Need comments from “registry maintainers”.

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@ivankravets could you take a look? It a serious problem when tagged releases of firmware become disfunctional.

This is a bug of a legacy registry. We don’t maintain it. The new registry is coming soon. We plan to release it this month. Sorry for the issue :frowning:


Thanks for info. Will new registry return back missed versions of packages (all those have git tags in src repos)?

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