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Emacs compilation mode

Hi all,

I am a long time Emacs user, and I was delighted to find the platformio command line tools to replace the Arduino IDE for my Arduino project.

Is there a simple way to suppress the color formatting “pio run” produces when running the compiler? It is messing up the regexps Emacs is using to parse error messages. I tried looking in the documentation and even rummaged around the sources, but did not find anything relevant.

Alternatively if someone has working entries for compilation-error-regexp-alist that would be appreciated.

Have you seen this ?

I’m trying to figure out how to get PlatformIO to work with Emacs. I have followed the instructions from and everything appears to be installed in my Emacs config just fine. However the instructions end with step 4: “Import project in IDE.”

What does that mean with Emacs? How do I do that? I have all the Elisp code installed and the project created on my disk (under Ubuntu if that matters) but then what? I have no clue how to actually get emacs to see that this is a PlatformIO project.

Drew Moseley

@richieHH could you help?

I revisited this and found that if I create an empty .projectile file in the directory where my sources reside then it seems to work. I guess I need to understand projectile mode a bit better.