Eclipse Indexer does not find C++11 std library classes, e.g. std::unique_ptr<T>

In a freshly set up pio project with ide=eclipse the Eclipse (version = Eclipse Neon) indexer does not find any C++11 templates, e.g.

std::unique_ptr<char[]> _mqttTopic;

is not indexed and marked as error “Symbol ‘unique_ptr’ could not be resolved.”

I already tried to add -std=C++11 to various indexer settings in the eclipse settings, but no success.

The problem "spreads’ over my sources, especially because it marks all occurences of the various C++11 pointers as error and does not index the calling function, e.g.

strcat_P(_mqttTopic.get(), topic);

is marked as error “Invalid arguments…” (for strcat_P) and “Method ‘get’ could not be resolved”.

pio should create an eclipse config file that is capable of indexing all file that pio can compile (c++11 is default).