Eclipse and 8051

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SDCC and Eclipse for 8051
There is a complete free and open source toolchain for 8051 microcontroller.
This is the combination of following

  1. Eclipse IDE

  2. SDCC Compiler

  3. Eclipse IDE:
    Eclipse is free and open source ide, which is now a days used widely across different development tools.
    This ide was initially developed by IBM and later donated to open source community. This IDE is used for JAVA, PHP, C/C++ etc developments. There are lot of plugins available for different purposes, these plugins are available either free of cost or commercially.
    For more about eclipse more… .
    you can download it from following link…

  4. SDCC (Small Device C Compiler)
    SDCC (Small Device C Compiler) is free open source, retargettable, optimizing ANSI-C compiler by Sandeep
    Dutta designed for 8 bit Microprocessors.
    8051 family
    Freescale (formerly Motorola) HC08
    Zilog Z80
    It is also distributed under GPL.
    To read more Click Here

Development Tools for 8051
For 8051 we need following tools

  1. Eclipse IDE for C/C++ Developer
  2. SDCC compiler for window
  3. Eclipse Plugin for SDCC compiler

All above mentioned tools are free of cost, let us see then in details

Download Eclipse IDE for C/C++ Developers
Download eclipse IDE for C/C++ development from this location
For window this is the name of file

Download SDCC
For downloading of SDCC please visit following link
SDCC download page

There select sdcc-win32.
This is exe file and will install by running it.
Downloading Eclipse Plugin for SDCC
For eclipse plugin click on following link.

Eclipse – SDCC

Following is the link for downloading eclipse plugin
Click Here

Installation Procedure
Now we have all the tools needed to prepare our free development tool chain for 8051 microcontroller.

Let us install them.
Install SDCC

I think this info could be interested for @Palatis

I got some “workaround” for issue, but that’s a bit dirty, and nowhere for the user to modify it.

hello All
we had a meeting on OpenWRT forum in Praha about 8bit mcu from Silabs support.
I’ve just discovered examples for SDCC targeting Silabs C8051F300 mcu.
I believe this is a good move toward support dev kits like SLSTK2022A (aka BUSY BEE).

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