Downloading the CameraWebServer example provided by esp32

I am working on a project that involves using a camera to read QR codes, and I have selected PlatformIO However, I am encountering difficulties in getting the camera to work. Initially, I suspected that the issue was with the code I am using for reading and processing the QR code, but it turned out that was not the case. To investigate, I decided to use the example code provided by ESP32 and when I ran it using the PlatformIO it did not work. So i decided to do it with the Arduino IDE and everything worked fine. I saw some instructions on Github for how to set up the library on PlatformIO but it was only for the esp-idf framework. So how do i do it for Arduino framework using PlatformIO

The error is while running the code. Kindly check the screenshot attached with this message.

Could you please help me understand what I am doing wrong in PlatformIO? I would greatly appreciate it if you could provide guidance on how to correctly use the camera with PlatformIO.

Screenshot 2023-07-06 at 17.18.00

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Then you don’t have them configured equally. Specifically, with the “malloc failed”, the obvious candidate is whether you correctly enabled the PSRAM of your board.

Please show your current platformio.ini and the Arduino IDE → Tools menu with which it works. Compare it against the possible configuration options and boards in Espressif 32 — PlatformIO latest documentation. Are they equal?

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