DIY-Signal-Generator Compile Error

Hi all!

I want to compile the code for this DIY Signal-Generator:

When I execute „PIO Debug“ in VS Code I get this message:

I already tried to add this in platformio.ini but this won‘t fix the error:

lib_deps = ´´

Thanks for your help!


Well given the age of the project, it is highly likely the platform version (“espressif32” and with it the use Arduino-ESP32 core version) and libraries (like TFT_eSPI) have long gone out of sync – with the platformio.ini having platform = espressif32, it’s instructing it to use the latest available espressif32 Platform (which contains Arduino-ESP32 2.0.11 atm), while three years ago, that one was likely much older (maybe Arduino-ESP32 1.0.6).

So to counteract that, you should write

platform = espressif32@3.5.0

in the platformio.ini, since per release notes and dates, that matches it more closely.

It worked! Compiled successfully.

Thanks a lot!