Display PIO and Explorer in Visual Studio Code

I want to display both the PIO and the Explorer in the Visual Studio Code window. Switching back and forth is slow and I keep needing to use both.

Any ideas?

You mean the project tasks panel? You can literally drag those panels around into other tabs as you like to create the UI you need.

Thanks for replying.
I seem to be able to move/split edit windows but not tool windows. Its the Project Explorer window and The PIO project tasks that I want to display at the same time.


You can start dragging the project tasks panel over the explorer sidedbar, wait until it activates, then drop it wherever you need.

And just for completeness’ sake, the buttons in the bottom blue taskbar can also trigger a Build, Upload, Test, Serial monitor, etc.


Plus pressing Ctrl+Shift+P → Build / Upload will give you access to those commands without even moving the mouse.

once again thanks for replying.

I finally got it working (partially). I could not get both open to drag or place them. I clicked on the open secondary control bar at the top right. (ctrl shift b) I then opened the PIO display in that tool bar. Then dragged it over the explorer bar on the right. I got the display you show on the left. I then closed the secondary tool bar (on the right) So now I see both. This is almost what I wanted. I have a big high res screen. I would like to see the two toolbars as separate columns on the left. I can get both in full columns if I open the secondary on the right but I am used to having them on the left. I cannot figure out how to get two on the left

Anyway I am 90% there.