Display ELF files

How can I display .elf file with PlatformIO/VSCode. Is there Plugin I can use?

Please explain “display” – ELF files are binary files that contain the code + data + symbol info of the compiled firmware. Is the target to inspect memory usage sizes? The instruction code of some function?

I expect to see something like:

But when I open the .elf File with a text editor I see this:

Obviously there is a command “readelf” in Linux to output the content in a human readable format. Is this also possible with PlatformIO/VSCode .

This question is outside the realm of PlatformIO, but rather about VSCode extensions. If none of the Search results - ELF | Visual Studio Code , Visual Studio Marketplace extensions suit you, ask Microsoft or keep using the CLI. Note that readelf also supplied with every toolchain, e.g. ~/.platformio/packages/toolchain-gccarmnoneeabi/bin/arm-none-eabi-readelf.

thanx for your help: :+1: