Directions to port an existing Arduino IDE framework to PlatformIO

Hi *,

(Newbie here !)

We are using an ARM Cortex-7 board from ROBOTIS named OpenCR 1.0. This board is fully supported through specific OpenCR Arduino framework within Arduino IDE.

As Arduino IDE lacks many modern IDE features, I’m trying to program the OpenCR board using PlatformIO IDE (+VS code).
So far I’ve tried to use Nucleo_f746zg board environment but I’m facing several problems:
1/ Nucleo board is obviously not the same as OpenCR (pins, embedded functions such as IMU)…
2/ nucleo_f746gz does not support arduino framework (only mbed and stm32cube)
3/ Tool to upload firmware is specific to OpenCR board (tool ‘opencr_ld.exe’ available in arduino framework)

I’ve managed to succesfully compile basic source code (a main.c file that blink on of the available leds), and to upload it (manually) to the board but that does not work : binary gets uploaded to the board, but does not seem to work and afterwards the OpenCR boar needs to be put in ‘recovery mode’ in order to properly accept the blink example from Arduino IDE…

I’d like to “migrate” hardware package / tools from the arduino environment to PlatformIO in order to create a new board within arduino_stm32 framework, but my attempts lead me nowhere so far…

Is there some kind of detailed tutorial or howto document that would complement (by actual examples) the platformio documentation on how to add a custom board ?


Thanx in advance

Did you manage to solve this? I’m going to implement something similar to that :slight_smile:

Unfortunately not.
I had to leave this project for a while… but still interested by the recipe on how to get an arduino framework migrated to platformio


May be it is wise to use current Arduino framework for STM32 that works with Platformio? STM32Duino works and there is a way how to take your board to PIO.

HI , ive been looking into this, most of the problem is the io is different on the the nucleo baord to the opencr boards. a lot of the arduino pins dont match with the board. Im playing with this at present , but only just got into stm so big learning curve.