Different SPIFFS images for different build environments

Is it possible to construct different SPIFFS images for different build environments? My idea was to use different data directories, but data dir is specified in [platformio] section which is common for all environments.

Hm. But Redirecting... also states that the option is overridden by the environment variable PLATFORMIO_DATA_DIR (Environment variables — PlatformIO latest documentation).

So theoretically you can add an extra_script to each build environment which will, before build, export the correct value for PLATFORMIO_DATA_DIR? (Redirecting...)

Either that or make a feature request to move data_dir in the build environment section to make it per-environment configurable.

If you are uploading from your terminal, you can just prepend the environment var in the command, like (for Unix-like systems)

PLATOFRMIO_DATA_DIR=/data_dir_1 pio run -t upload -e myenv1

Good question! Please take a look at:

So, you can create one PRE script per all environments and inside control PROJECTDATA_DIR variable. For example,




extra_scripts = pre:data_dir_per_env.py

extra_scripts = pre:data_dir_per_env.py

Now, keep the next file structure:

  | - data
         |- myenv1
              ... files
          |- myenv2
              ... files

P.S: I didn’t test. Please re-test code above.

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I’m looking to do this as well. Would it not be possible to make data_dir an envirmonetal variable too, that can override a global one, or not. but i want different SPIFFS images depending on my debug and release builds.

Isn’t it possible to set different data_dir per each environment?

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In my case I need to use this code: