Differences in the ESP32 loader and need to push button

Dear members:

I have been using PIO and VSCODE for a while with a ESP32-DEV board (let’s call it A). At the beginning I needed to push one of the two buttons on the board in order to upload a new firmware. One day I realized I didn’t need to push the button and the upload worked fine. I don’t remember if it was caused by an upgrade of the environment.

Does any of you know why I don0t need to push the button anymore?

The reason is that I have another different project with the same board (let’s call it B) in which I don’t have access to the buttons and I want to upload firmware the same way than with board A. At the moment I can upload new firmware with OTA functionality. It was developed with the Arduino IDE, not with PlatformIO.

Thanks a lot.

Every respectable ESP32 dev-board with an on-board USB-UART converter has the auto-reset and auto-program circuit on-board (Using a ESP32 card made by a particular in PatformIO IDE - #6 by maxgerhardt), you shouldn’t ever need to press a button.

Sometimes there are caveats regarding this – see A fatal error occurred: Failed to connect to ESP32 - Voltlog #357 - YouTube.

Thanks a lot maxgerhardt