Did you try MQTT on ESP8266 by using RTOS- SDK

Hello . I am trying to programming ESP8266. So I want to continue on RTOS-SDK. However, I search how can do MQTT protocol implementation because i didn’t find the explanation in ESP8266 RTOS-SDK documents.

I am looking anyone try MQTT with RTOS- SDK on ESP8266 . Thank PLATFORMIO Team because they give me chance to select Non -OS sdk or RTOS sdk for programming ESP8266.However I’m undecided .
Also is there anyone have a suggestion using Non -OS sdk or RTOS sdk for esp8266 ? Actually I’m afraid to find examples with the rtos sdk. However on the other hand i think it will usefully. I did examples but i didn’t make sure because the esp32 that wrote as example boad in readme doc in example folders.
for examples: https://github.com/espressif/ESP8266_RTOS_SDK/tree/master/examples/protocols/mqtt
I need the your suggestions.
Thanks already …