Devkit v1 not recognized by PC after blink test (Platform IO + VSCode)

Wanted to give PlatformIO a shot so I set everything up accordingly and loaded a blink sketch and uploaded. The pin was 2 (onboard LED I believe). After uploading and auto reset, it did nothing. So I disconnected and connected again. Now the board is not recognized by the PC. Nothing shows up on comport on device manager (using win11). The power light on the ESP32 lights up but that is pretty much it. After holding BOOT + EN, the pc recognizes the COM port but if I try to write a sketch, it fails and the board vanishes from COM port again. Help would be much appreciated, thanks.

What is text on top of the ESP32 module on the board?

What USB-serial converter is the board using? (CP2102?)

It says, ESP-WROOM-32 on the actual ESP32 chip. Yes it is a CP2102, I should also mention, after holding BOOT + EN I get COM port to show up and then by holding BOOT I can upload a blink sketch successfully but the onboard LED won’t blink.

There may be an eletrical problem… Is the board plugged into anything, like a breadboard, which could connect some pins together?


and schematics, pin 2 for the onboard LED is correct.

If however this pin 2 is also connected to say constant 3.3V or GND when it tries to execute the blink sketch, it will cause a short-circuit and potentially eject the board from the USB system (overcurrent protection).

Have you also tried different USB ports on the PC or different cables? The initial startup-current of the chip (especially when WiFi is on) could be problematic.