Device monitor preview a command of "send_on_enter"


I am using the serial monitor with this following command:

pio device monitor -b 250000 -f colorize -f send_on_enter -f time

This works great but whenever I am typing a command there is no feedback on what I typed. Works in a similar way of inputting Linux passwords. So far as I looked around there is probably no option or flag to set this. In that case any chance, this could be a future feature?

Thanks in advance.

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Do you mean --echo option? I’ve just opened a feature request, we will enable “echo” by default for “send_on_enter” filter:

Yes I do mean exactly that, I havent tried it because I thougth it will just loop back the message after hitting enter. Thanks!

Hello @ivankravets,
Is there a way to activate echo using the platformio.ini file?

I looked but couldn’t find it.

I looked here: pio device monitor — PlatformIO latest documentation


Shouldn’t that be possible via monitor_flags as these are generic? Redirecting...

monitor_flags = 
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So this does work! I couldn’t figure that out reading the documentation. Thanks for your help. If you couldn’t tell, I am a beginner at this lol

I get this message trying to use monitor_flags;

Warning! Ignore unknown configuration option monitor_flags in section [env]


Well, this is listed inside the possible monitor_filters now.

monitor_filters =