Developing with SAMC21

Hi everyone, I’ve been using PlatformIO for several months now, it is a great platform. Thank you for the awesome software!

I am considering integrating the SAMC21 into a new product, and would like to use the ATSAMC21-XPRO board as the basis for the software. My question is, which frameworks can I use with this board? The documentation doesn’t say anything about what I can use, unfortunately. Do I have to use this board with mbed, no framework, what?


Huh, I’ve never seen a board definition with an empty list of frameworks before.

“No framework” usually means that you can only program the board bare-metal (no framework, just direct register access). That seems to be actually true in the PIO case, mbed-os has no support for the SAMC21 target, just SAMD21, SAML21 and SAMR21.

The only framework the chip page talks about is the Atmel Software Framework, but PlatformIO does not yet support the ASF (open issue). You’d have to manually add the required files in the project, as the PR describes.

Also no support on the Zephyr framework.

Also no support on the Arduino Atmel SAM cores (GitHub - arduino/ArduinoCore-samd: Arduino Core for SAMD21 CPU or GitHub - adafruit/ArduinoCore-samd).

There’s a spin-off Arduino core that seems to support some SAMC21J18 chip though, the same as on the SAMC21 XPRO board (ArduinoCore-samd/variants/Xeno at master · mattairtech/ArduinoCore-samd · GitHub). You can maybe try that in the Arduino IDE.

Thanks for the response. This is a deal breaker for my project, so I’ll probably resort to using ASF in Atmel Studio.

Still hoping for SAMC21 arduino support. Can someone give pointers on how to add the MattAirTech core to PlatformIO?