Dependency issue with MIDI Controller library

Hi there,

I’m having trouble using a this MIDI Controller library in PlatformIO:

The same library works without any problems through the Arduino IDE. I have added the library to the projects lib/ directory as recommended and the library conforms to the expected folder structure.

Here is the output from PlatformIO:

It appears to be having trouble including files for example:

lib\MIDI_controller-3.0.1\src\Banks\.././MIDI_Controller/../MIDI_Interfaces/USBMIDI_Interface.h:11:21: fatal error: MIDIUSB.h: No such file or directory

…which refers to this include in USBMIDI_Interface.h:

#if defined(USBCON) && !defined(CORE_TEENSY) // If the main MCU has a USB connection but is not a Teensy
#include "MIDIUSB.h"

I thought it might have something to do with preprocessor conditional syntax so I turned the LDF Mode to chain+ and deep+ but that hasn’t helped.

Any advice would be appreciated.

This was an oversight on my part. I hadn’t installed the clearly stated dependencies for the MIDI controller library.