Define your own board - is there an Arduino alike boards.txt file?

I am a newby here and started to trial platformio and planning to use it instead of Arduino IDE.
Platformio in general works like a charm and seems like big improvement for me.

One of the boards I am programming is the Arduino pro mini (optiboot flashed). In Arduino IDE I am used to change boards.txt whenever I have a specific board which I would like to use.
In platformIO I see a list of predefined boards and I am looking for a way to change (like in Arduino - (boards.txt) the board settings (e.g. Arduino pro mini with optiboot flashed)? Is there an easy way to define your board in platformIO?


You have a lot of options:


Thanks Ivan! Helps me a lot

Hello @JeroenIoT,
didi you manage to create the board settings for optiboot bootloader? I’m using Arduino Nano with optiboot, but I’m having problems with uploading.
Would love to hear if you manage to find a solution.

Thank you!

Hey Birchwood, what issues are you having? I haven’t done it in a while, but I’ve created my own arduino compatible boards and uploaded with Platformio without issues.