Define set by ProcessFlags (-D) is not seen by Arduino library on ESP32


I’m using extra python script (a part of my library), that is called when a project with my library is compiled. This library uses WiFiManager internally and I want to define WM_NODEBUG to skip including debug logs.

	Import("projenv", "env")
	for e in (env, DefaultEnvironment(), projenv):

It looks like this is not working properly (WiFiManager debug strings still present in binary file). How to get define propagated into another library? Using platformio.ini build_flags do the job, but I want to handle it at the library level.

Is there any way to mimic behaviour of build_flags in platformio.ini file?

	environments = [env, DefaultEnvironment(), projenv]
	for lb in env.GetLibBuilders():

Fixed by adding envs from GetLibBuilders

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