Deep_sleep overnight

Hey guys, i researched on the topic of deep sleep for the ESP32 but most of what i found is only for a couple of second or minutes. I am currently looking into automation in my greenhouse and since i wont use it during the night i was wondering if it’s possible to set up deep sleep overnight? Or if there is other alternatives instead of deep sleep? Thank you in advance!!

Source? When I look into the ESP-IDF code

If the wakeup source is the RTC timer, and it is fed by RTC slow clock, up to 400 days of sleep should be possible before an overflow occurs.

Also here a user comments that you have to be careful to use 64-bit constants (ULL suffix) so that the computed time in microseconds to sleep is not internally overflowing to a cut-off 32-bit version.

Also this issue says that the module should need a 32.768kHz watch crystal if you expected very accurate wake-up time without a drift by a few minutes.

Oh i must have looked for the wrong thing then, my question was mostly to find out if it was possible to do that with deep sleep or if something else was more usefull !! thank you ill try this out !