Deep Sleep lockup

When entering Deep sleep wake-up pin (35) and RTC wake-up interval is setup to wake up the esp32. The RTC wakeup time is setup to wake up every thirty minutes.

Currently, we have a device which ran for weeks fine but then locked up and will not wake up. We verified wake up pin transitions to this line will not wake the esp32. Is there any pin I can verify to see that the esp32 is still running? We checked power going into the micro and that seems good. We verified I2C lines are in a good state. The BOOT_TX is setup as uart and the line is high. The Reset pin is low.

I haven’t found any reference of use the external 32KHz crystal (verified that this crystal is not being used, not running), I have to assume the default internal PLL 150 K Hz is being used. Where do I confirm this?

We found this is the platform.ini for the versions of libraries that is used:
platform = espressif32@1.8.0
platform_packages = tool-esptoolpy@1.20800.0

I’m looking into moving to the latest stable 5.0 espressif32 version.

Do you know if there is a known deep sleep issue that has been fixed in newer versions?