Decoupling build and deploy into 2 distinct steps


I am using PlatformIO Core and love it - it’s great product thank you. I have an issue where I am using a Raspberry Pi Zero - due the small CPU it takes a long time to compile my project (~6 minutes). The nature of the prototype I am working on requires me to use the Rasperry Pi Zero for deployment of our controller code, and this 6 minute time makes ongoing development very inefficient.

I am wondering if it is possible to compile the binary on an external system (using PlatformIO Core), then do something such as compress the PlatformIO project folder, transfer it to a the Raspberry Pi via scp, and then deploy the binary from the unzipped .pioenv folder (without executing a build). It seems to me like the build and deploy are strictly coupled, for example, it does not seem possible to deploy to a target without first building, even using the Advanced Scripting features.

Is building and deploying in two separate invocations of the platformio command possible?

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You need Remote Development — PlatformIO latest documentation

Please start PIO Remote Agent on RPi side and use Remote Upload in VSCode (you will see cloud :cloud: icon on the bottom toolbar)

Thank you for replying @ivankravets. I was hoping that there was a free way to do this (it sounds like there is not). I will consider purchasing a license for pioplus. I appreciate your help.

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