Debugging breakpoints ignored (R4 WiFi | VSCode | Platformio)

Arduino Uno R4 WiFi
Visual Studio Code (Version: 1.89.0)
Platformio (Version: 3.3.3)
platform = renesas-ra
board = uno_r4_wifi
framework = arduino
debug_tool = cmsis-dap
debug_port = COM6 ;Actual serial port identifier that the device is connected to
monitor_port = COM8 ;Standard Serial over Bluetooth link COM8 via SoftwareSerial(RX=10,TX=11)

The debugger does not stop at breakpoints when using Arduino Uno R4 WiFi board.
The same code (minus the WiFi stuff) and debug/monitor ports debugs fine on Uno R3.

Does debugging work on R4/VSCode/Platformio?

The debug port is not a COM port. It’s a USB device. Remove debug_port.

And yes, debugging should work normally with the R4 WiFi.

Uno R3 or R4?