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Debugging Arduino UNO with Atmel-ICE



I know that I can debug the Arduino UNO directly without external programmers (amazing), but I would like to know how to debug the board using the Atmel-ICE debugger.

Here is my platformio.ini file:

platform = atmelavr
board = uno
framework = arduino
upload_protocol = atmelice_isp
board_upload.require_upload_port = no
debug_port = usb

But it yields me the following error when the debug starts:

.pioinit:13: Error in sourced command file:
usb: The file or directory does not exist.

How can I solve this problem? Or maybe: Is Atmel-ICE debugging supported by PlatformIO?

Thanks a lot for your help!

Not supported out of the box. You can still try to use avarice with PlatformIO and see if it works, e.g. per CLion / Avarice debug not working, Debugging AVR / Arduino with ATMELICE / JTAGICE3 and avarice / avr-gdb and docs.

Ok. Big thanks for your help! I’ll look that post.