Debugger Warns About Out-of-Scope Variables at Each Step

Is there a possibility to shut down warning being popped out each time I step over my code? This thing happens if I have some watches inserted that are out of scope. Therefore, whenever I step through, at each step I get warned about PIO not being able to recognize variables from Watches list. Its okay for me to see in the Watches list that some variables entered might be out of scope. However getting plenty of warning boxes while debugging is plenty of annoying.

2023-06-23 15_20_24-app.cpp - Untitled (Workspace) - Visual Studio Code

Not just when using Watch window in debugger. If I clear whole Watch window and use only Variables window in debugger, I’m getting the same notifications for all the variables/macros the debugger encounters. Also, if I hoover over variable/macro names, to get more info about it, the same thing happens.