Debugger fails silently on Windows environment

When I click on debug or press F5, it builds the executable but then doesn’t launch the executable or the debugger. It just terminates after “success”.

The executable is successfully built and I can run it from the command line. “pio debug --interface=gdb --” also works from the command line and launches GDB. I just can’t debug in the UI.

Build output: Processing windows (platform: windows_x86@1.2.0)------------------------------ -
PlatformIO.ini: ; Library options: dependencies, extra library storages; Advanced options: -


Have you looked at the debug console tab?

Thanks for the reply! The debug console tab remains blank, and so do all the sections in the debug sidebar.

Very weird. You seem to have found a clear-cut bug. Please file an issue in

Otherwise, you can try switching to platform = native instead of platform = windows_x86, while making sure you have something like installed globally (by unpacking + adding the its path to the PATH environment variable).

Thanks, I’ve opened a bug here: Debugger silently fails to launch · Issue #4 · platformio/platform-windows_x86 · GitHub

I just got the native environment set up but get the same behavior. It successfully builds but does not debug.