Debug Tool - Cannot enter any debugger name

I seem to unable to enter anything in the "debug_tool = "
other than one of the options below:

Please use one of avr-stub, simavr or custom

Any help much appreciated.

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High-level, what are you trying to do? These 3 options are perfectly reasonable: 2 built-in debugger stacks, and custom with the combination of a debug_server directive and friends.

Iā€™m trying to use an Atmel-ICE,
my ini file is

platform = atmelavr
board = Atmega2560
framework = arduino
upload_protocol = atmelice_isp
upload_port = usb
upload_flags = -e

I think I should be able to put

debug_tool = atmel-ice 

or something similar.

PlatformIO has no native support for debugging with an Atmel ICE (only uploading) ā€“ simavr (simulation) and avr-stub (gdb stub on the target microcontroller communicating over UART) are the built-in ones for now.

You may still be able to use AVaRICE as shown in Atmega32 debugging with avarice and avr-gdb - #2 by mate910327 to get a gdbserver and debugging up and running within PlatformIO.

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Thanks, one of the problems here was not realising that the list of available debuggers is dependant on the platform selected.