Debug target error when setting PROGSUFFIX

when I set PROGSUFFIX=“.elf”, everything works fine when doing pio run or pio debug (program.elf is created)
But when I do a pio debug --interface=gdb, I get an error:
“Error: Program/firmware is missed”

It is searching for “program” instead of program.elf…
I’m using this ambiq platform GitHub - nigelb/platform-apollo3blue: AmbiqMicro Apollo 3 Blue: development platform for PlatformIO, and added PROGSUFFIX to the env.
I don’t see any reason for this problem


I’m not sure whether PlatformIO calculates the expected program path wrongly or whether it’s something in the platform code that interferes…

Is where the error message is coming from.

Please post a minimal, reproducable example to Issues · platformio/platformio-core · GitHub.

Thanks for you reply! I didn’t reproduce the issue with a simple example… so I cleaned .pio folder and rebuilt and now it works… most likely a stray dependency of file was confusing pio!