Debug device monitor


i installed on visual studio code.
When starting the platformio device monitor (terminal) i have these errors diplayed:

[E][WiFiClient.cpp:258] connect(): socket error on fd 56, errno: 104, “Connection reset by peer”

This happens when my server app isn’t started or responding. Is there a way to disable this message from displaying in the device monitor?

Per documentation you can configure the Arduino-ESP32 core to suppress this logging information. Since the log level or your message is “E” (error), your only possibility is setting the log-level to none.

build_flags = -DCORE_DEBUG_LEVEL=0

Note that this globally disables outputting error messages for the entire Arduino-ESP32 core. So you might want to think of different solutions, like checking if your server is available first in a way that doesn’t trigger an error message.