Debug Activity Bar disappeared


Somehow managed to hide that small bar with the run/stepin/stepout/stop buttons.
Debugging worked, I saw it.

Someone aware how to get it back on screen ?
… or where that is defined ?

(using Platformio on VSCode)


If you did not modify the VSCode configuration file like this, it should automatically appear.

At least in all the “Views” menu, or right clicking on the debug button panel, I don’t see a way to just disable that forever.

Maybe the problem is on a different level and doesn’t want to startup in PlatformIO in the first place.

Can you provide the output of PlatformIO Core CLI

pio debug --interface=gdb -- -x .pioinit


I just grabbed the 6-dot “Handle” and dropped it somewhere.
Debugging itself is still working (by the key-shortcuts).

I’m going to dig into the Cor CLI and report later.

Thanks !


Yepp, yout hint @maxgerhardt helped alot.

"debug.toolBarLocation": "docked" made it.

… it was not “hidden”, but “floating”.
“Hidden” would explain not seing the bar, but with “floating” I would expect finding it somewhere.

Thanks !!

– seems to be more a VSCode thing since, I find the same bar in VSCode only (without Platformio) –

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