Dashboard type service?

Hey there, I’m pretty new to PIO and IoT stuff in general. I first implemented the sensor I wanted to make using straight Arduino code, then Mongoose OS, then PIO. I really like how PIO “feels” and the community support, libraries, etc.

But one thing I miss from Mongoose is how trivial it is to connect up with their backend dashboard service (which is free for up to 3 devices). For those not familiar, it gives you, at a glance, an overall view of the health, last seen, shadow document, etc, for all of your sensors.

So I’m curious, what is everyone using to see if your sensors are still alive? I’m already planning on using Node-RED for some backend business logic and I know I could build “last seen” alerting into that but that seems like a lot of heavy lifting.

Any suggestions? Any insight would be greatly appreciated!


That depends on what exactly you want to achieve. Using PIO means you have to do a lot more manual work than using Mongoose OS. To give you an example:
I wrote a MQTT-app for an ESP32 with an OV2640 camera that publishes a timestamp and picture on a button press - A doorbell with camera:

The timestamp and picture gets sent via MQTT (TCP/IP) to a broker on my computer. That broker comes with a dashboard that can be called via your browser which shows you all connected clients, incoming bytes, timeouts, etc. :

To display “ringing doorbells” I created a simple flow in Node-Red that lets you choose the room of the doorbell you want to subscribe to. It autoupdates on new incoming “rings”. I used uibuilder in Node-Red to build that little webpage but there are also dashboard nodes which might be the better choice if you want a clean looking webpage that mostly only displays numeric data:

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