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Dapboot DFU for stm32 as upload_protocol

Enhancement request

Hi, I recently made work the dapboot with PlatformIO and libopencm3, but it would be great that this could be an out-of-the-box feature. I write the highboot-v1.11-bluepill-128.bin (on a 128k bluepill obviuslly) with the stlinkv2 and made this in platformio.ini on my Linux enviroment:

upload_protocol = dfu
upload_command = $PROJECT_PACKAGES_DIR/tool-dfuutil/bin/dfu-util -d 1209:db42 -D $SOURCE

I tested it on a windows VM, and it works (without driver requirement). Can this be added to platformio like upload_protocol = dapboot?

Procedure to upload the firmware

You have to activate BOOT1 and reset to activate the DFU, then change de BOOT1 again to the normal position, and upload the firmware :slight_smile:

This is de bootloader’s github: