Custom Zephyr Framework - Use West & PlatformIO

Hi, i am searching for a suitable IDE to develop Zephyr-Applications and i don’t want to use Eclipse. Finally i think PlatformIO is the right way and i really like it, especially the debugger.
The one Problem i have is, to control zephyr-repos by myself. I want to initalize a zephyr-workspace using west (like discribed in the Zephyr-Docs) and then i want to tell PlatformIO to use it instead of using ~/.platformio/packages/framework-zephyr.
With vscode from stock this is possible for me but the debugger is no so comfortable like the one of PlatformIO.
What are your experiences? Can anybody help me?

I am wondering about this too.

It would be nice to use west and the tooling around Zephyr (such as qemu emulation support) but it is not clear from PlatformIO’s Zephyr integration docs how to do this.

Can anybody weigh in here?


I’m looking for the same problem , I would like to use nordic and zephyr Have you find a solution ?
Best regards

The framework-zephyr and related source can be exchanged arbitrarily with platform_packages, as e.g. discussed in How to set PlatformIO to use the latest branch of Zephyr.

Please file a feature request issue in the platform, e.g. GitHub - platformio/platform-ststm32: ST STM32: development platform for PlatformIO, for tracking and letting the developers know.

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