Custom Target: stdout very slow to appear in IDE

I added a custom target to launch simavr: code here

It works: a ‘simulate’ tree item is added to the GUI & it launches correctly :grinning:

But…the stdout from simavr is painfully slow to be shown in the terminal. Up to the point it looks like nothing is happening. If i wait long enough (minutes) it eventually appears.

I assume a whole load of buffering is going on between simavr & the pio process (and possibly vscode).

What can I do to see the simavr output in near real time?

I think you want to open an issue directly in Issues · platformio/platformio-core · GitHub since it’s a core issue. I don’t see anything wrong in the code. Maybe the simulate doesn’t properly flush the output – but if you don’t control this program, you can’t change it.