Custom reset_handler() function


I have been working with adafruit’s atmelsam platform and I’m stuck on something.
The framework has its cortex_handler.c, which has the Reset_Handler function implementation.

What is the correct way of creating my custom Reset_Handler without having to modify the framework itself? The thing is that if I modify the framework, I would need to branch it out and avoid feature atmelsam updates from adafruit.



Use Redirecting... on the

package and you’re good to go.

Hi Max, thanks for the input.

Would be lot easier if those calls were implemented as weak one’s.
For instance, the only weak call is the initVariant():

// Weak empty variant initialization function.
// May be redefined by variant files.
void initVariant() __attribute__((weak));
void initVariant() { }

Thanks again!

You might be interested in this comment, in which someone proposed an extra_script (for the STM32 framework) in which something similar (weak attributes) were added to the framework files automatically… maybe you could adapt it for your needs? :wink: