Custom GCC to compile STM32

Hi, I use PlatformIO for a while and I feel good, for my next project I want to use it too. I hate too much Eclipse to use ST IDE, but I have to use a different version of GCC than the one used by PlatformIO. I’m two days reading for a solution, but I don’t find a way to specify a different toolchain location to use for compile.
Can’t find anything because it’s not possible? Can someone show me the right way?
If I can’t find a solution I will unfortunately have to use STMCubeIDE

Best regards

Someone asked the same question a few hours ago in Udate toolchain "arm-none-eabi-gcc" - #2 by maxgerhardt, please read. This is also a documented use case in the documentation. And was asked in the forums at Can you update toolchain-gccarmnoneeabi? - #2 by maxgerhardt 7 months ago.

Hi, it’s working, now I have another issue, CMSIS of PLATFORMIO is not compatible with last freertos code generated by CubeMX, some files are missing. Also some c files are not compiled because the Middleware directory structure of source code is not “standard”. An easy thing is becoming a nightmare.

PIO’s project folder structure is not the same as generated by CubeMX. See tools like GitHub - ussserrr/stm32pio: Automate managing of STM32CubeMX + PlatformIO projects for conversion. If you need to compile a cubemx project, best to use the framework = stm32cube and adapt the folder structure.