Custom board into project's workspace


I have been working with custom board for a while now (arduino framework). However, I always end up creating the .json and variant.cpp file into ~/

What is the proper way of adding the custom board tree into project’s directory instead of’ dir?

This way we can keep the repository clean.


Hi @sylvioalves! Looks like boards_dir is exactly what you’re looking for. Just create a new folder "boards" in your project and put there your json file.

Hi @valeros!

I have already done that and it works.

However, what about the variant.cpp, .h and ldscript? The should also be customized to my board.

I’ve tried adding that into Src/my_custom_board folder by I get compilation errors like "…already defined’ issues.


So you can try to specify your custom variant name, so the source from the framework won’t be compiled.
What platform are you using?



The only board available is the STM32L432KC.