CubeCell Heltec menu options

I have previously used the Arduino IDE to flash an example sketch to my Heltec Cubecell board.
Here is the sketch: CubeCell-Arduino/libraries/LoRa/examples/LoRaWAN/LoRaWan/LoRaWan.ino at master · HelTecAutomation/CubeCell-Arduino · GitHub

When importing the example, there are multiple options that are not set in the code itself, instead its set via the Tools menu in the Arduino IDE.
The options seems to be defined in the boards.txt further up in the directory structure of the repo linked above
Here is an example: CubeCell-Arduino/boards.txt at master · HelTecAutomation/CubeCell-Arduino · GitHub

I am having trouble finding how I set the same options in PlatformIO when building the same code.
In PlatformIO I have only copied the code from the example code, and not the boards.txt. Should I copy in the boards.txt content somewhere too?
Or could I just set the variables inside of the code instead? That would be more preferably.


You can set this in the build_flags in platformio.ini in your project:

build_flags =

See build_flags — PlatformIO v6.1 documentation

Ah so the options in the menu are build options. Thanks!