Creating "scratch pad" tests best practice

Often when I’m developing if I need to do something I’ve never done before, I’ll create a quick program to test it out. I don’t want to write up a unit test because I’m not even certain if what I’ve done will compile. It’s what I call a scratch pad test. Just something to get me started figuring the problem out. To accomdate this in platformio I usually have a separate “scratch” environment with a single cpp file that I will rewrite with whatever new thing I’m trying. I’m wondering if that’s the best practice, or if there’s something that will work better for this use case.

If I’m in a situation like this, I create a folder for “Wonderings” and create separate mini-projects within there for anything I’m trying out to see if I can make it work. Then I have a whole lot of examples for when I need to do it again and I’ve forgotten what I did last time! :wink:

I used to do this at work as well. Anything I’m unaware of, or new to, I would do a couple of quick experiments, gets things working and then document them for future use by me and my colleagues. I used to set up Dokuwiki systems for my colleagues if the company didn’t already have such a thing. Sometimes even when they did as the “official” one was too arduous to use – some of the commercial ones are dire examples of how not to use collaboration! No names though! :wink:

There’s no real “best practice” just what works best for you, but my one piece of advice is, document whatever you find. In a notebook, in a Wiki, on a Blog, somewhere. You have no idea how useful it can be. (And in the future, when you have gathered copious notes, you could even get a book out of it!)