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Creating library that contains (not references) other libraries

This expounds on

This is outside the scope of that thread, but it’s totally reliant on that capability…
I’m building a library based on ESP8266 low-level routines. Under PlatformIO, it uses Espressif SDK 2.1.0. My library works GREAT under it. Espressif made some breaking changes. I’ve never been able to get any resolution or even suggestions for a fix or work-around.

In 2019

AND trying again this year - This one is far easier to digest and has two sample projects that run under ArduinoIDE and PlatformIO repsectively.

The current Arduino IDE libraries show it’s using Espressif SDK 2.2.2. Unfortunately my library breaks under it. So…

Is it possible… to build a library under PlatformIO that not only uses the Espressif 2.1.0 libraries, but incorporates them into the *.a library such that when they run under the Arduino IDE created program, my library will be calling the 2.1.0 libraries instead of the Arduino’s 2.2.2?

I hope my explanation makes sense.
Thanks for any suggestions you might have.