Create a new project - resolution dependencies error

new windows machine clean install of vscode and platformIO

my goal is to use atmel avr 2.2.0 for the platform so
platform: atmel 2.2.0 is installed and atmel 5.0 removed.

using the new project’ button on the home page in vscode
project is for arduino 2650

i get this error

Could not initialize project

PIO Core Call Error: “The following files/directories have been created in C:\Users\Raventalking\Documents\PlatformIO\Projects\test\r\ninclude - Put project header files here\r\nlib - Put project specific (private) libraries here\r\nsrc - Put project source files here\r\nplatformio.ini - Project Configuration File\r\nResolving megaatmega2560 dependencies…\r\nTool Manager: Installing framework-arduino-avr @ ~5.0.0\r\n\n\nUnknownPackageError: Could not find the package with ‘framework-arduino-avr @ ~5.0.0’ requirements for your system ‘windows_amd64’”

i get the resolving error also when trying to compile exiting projects that compile fine on my windows machines (which all require avr 2.2.0)

if i remove atmel avr 2.2.0 and instal atmel avr 5.0 i dont get an error when creating the new project (but my existing ten year old code projects wont compile)

processor is 12th Gen Intel(R) Core™ i7-12700F 2.10 GHz
so why does the resolution error claim my system is windows _amd64?

The fault is on the PlatformIO server side. Package version 5.0.0 of framework-atmelavr is no longer provided, only 5.1.0 and 5.2.0 as the latest versions. (Old, less used versions often get pruned from servers)

So 5.0.0 is older than 5.1.0 which is already 4 years old. Do you really want to write your code against that old of a framework? Why is the latest atmelavr platform / Arduino 5.2.0 framework not usable for you?

Ah, I see. What is the +exact* error message when using

platform = atmelavr@4.2.0

? This still uses the existing 5.1.0 framework.

so with existing project with platform atmel avr 2.2.0 installed

platform = atmelavr@4.2.0 in the platformio.ini file
Resolving megaatmega2560 dependencies…

Platform Manager: Installing atmelavr @ 4.2.2

UnknownPackageError: Could not find the package with ‘atmelavr @ 4.2.2’ requirements for your system ‘windows_amd64’

i am not writing any code, really, i fix the occasional problem in the code.
same old legacy code issue:
the code works and owner of code is loath to spend funds to get it to compile on newer frameworks

i copied a version 5.0 dir .platformio\packages\ framework-arduino-avr from one of my other windows machines and put it in the new machines .platformio/packages and the resolution issue is now gone.

the linked output came out the same size and same bytes as on the other working windows machines, so i have a solution so long as i hang onto that version 5.0 framework.

and THANKS: your answer cleared up the issue for me