Cppcheck: MISRA missing configuration and internal error

I am using cppcheck extension with VSCode for MISRA static analysis.

Here is my platform.ini command line:

check_tool = cppcheck
check_flags =
    cppcheck: --addon=./scripts/misra.json --addon=cert --addon=threadsafety --addon=y2038 --suppress=*:*stm32l0xx_hal.c

I have added MISRA headline txt file from here

I have also taken MISRA addon scripts from official repo

While running pio check in the powershell, I get following set of errors:

[high:error] Because of missing configuration, misra checking is incomplete. There can be false negatives! Unknown array size, please review configuration [misra-config]
src\main.c:0:[high:error] Bailing out from checking since there was an internal error: Failed to execute 'C:\.platformio\penv\Scripts\python.exe C:\\.platformio\packages\tool-cppcheck\addons\runaddon.py scripts\misra.py --cli --rule-texts=scripts/misra2018.txt C:\PlatformIO\Projects\L010_test\src\main.c.18884.dump'. {file: C:/.platformio/packages/framework-stm32cubel0/Drivers/CMSIS/Include/cmsis_gcc.h, linenr: 181, column: 50, severity: style, message: A function should not contain unused parameters\t, addon: misra, errorId: c2012-2.7, extra: Advisory} [internalError]

Can someone please help me understand this error or what I might be doing wrong here.