Cpp code formater

Hey, i have a problem with cpp code formater, i don’t know why but i have more than one. I don’t install anything more than C/C++ for Visual Studio Code. When i run VSC and open cpp file in platformio alt+shift+f doesn’t work, have to use ctl+shift+p and select “format document with…” and have multipe choice (please see attachemnt) and only one works, random one, after some time i get more and more formaters to choice, all named the same and like previously only one works. Please help.

I’ve had that problem since either the March or April updates to the C/C++ extension, which is responsible for providing the formatter functionality for those file types in VSCode. Most of the time the bottom entry seems to work. There is an issue open for this over on the extension github, with a suggested workaround until it’s fixed… might have a look at actually doing that now! :smiley:

Nothing works for me :frowning: i try to use clang but get “write EPIPE” error