Couple minor questions

Hi… as a brand new user of platformIO, I have some questions, hopefully you guys can answer them

  1. Code completion works odd. It seems working in some of my files of the same project, but it does not in others. For example: if I include the EEPROM.h to my file then it seems autocompletion works for that. If I include the SSD1306.h to my file autocompletion does not work not even after a restart. Except in my main.cpp where it seems to work, but I dont have an clue why. Have you ever faced with an issue like this?

  2. Red dots next to the line numbers: I see bunch of them without any reasons. (eg: red dot next to a line: x++; ). What do they really mean and how can I turn them off?

  3. Errors during building: is there any way (maybe a plugin) which allows me to jump right where the error occured? Because right now I need to manually go to the file and to the line instead of just jumping there.

  4. Any way to jump to the function from where it is called? Example: I have wrote " void myFunction()" and I call it several times. From time to time it would be great if I could jump to the declaration of the myFunction right from where it is called instead of manually selecting the file and find the function myself (especially if the file is not open).

Thanks a lot for your help!

Please switch to PlatformIO IDE for VSCode, it has better integration.