Could I have TWO bad esp-prog

This is doing my head in. When I connect an o’scope to the outputs of the esp-prog while not connected to an ESP32DEVKIT C V4 I see good clock and TDI data. If I connect directly the esp-prog to a ESP32 ( I have tried 3) the clock signal still appears good 3.3V pp but the TDI is reduced to a noisy 10mV signal.
Yes I have checked the connections. Speed is down to 500 debug_tool is set to esp-prog. One of the programmers was working OK. the second I received today. Debug console shows either reading all ones or all zeros.
I just find it hard to believe that I have got two bad programmers,
I am using them only for debugging/ Uploading via separate USB. Yes only one power source connected.

Can you show a picture of the setup? Used JTAG pins are 100% the same as in Low-cost ESP32 In-circuit Debugging | by Manuel Bl. | Medium?

Finally found the problem. Somewhere along the tortured path I either wrote the connections down wrong or copied them from a source which was wrong. Went back to basics and checked everything to find the wiring connection. I feel really stupid about it all. In the process I seem to have broken either VS code or platform IO but will raise a new topic. Thank you for your help.